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urban rivals

2008-05-03 14:09:45 by volcomkid152

click here to play an okay game

The Random Collab

2008-04-27 21:42:19 by volcomkid152

This is a collab i am making called the random collab!!! Just make a flash that is random and funny, the rules:
1: The size must be 450 pixels wide by 500 pixels high
2: (not a rule, just a statement) all animations will be accepted if i think it would be funny enough
3: good luck!
4: here is a vid on youtube that is what were heading to:

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Anyone is able to join, just send me ur .fla to my email adress:

Running Loop

2007-12-07 20:29:29 by volcomkid152

hey, its josh, um i make pivot and flash animations. i also make flash games